CranioSacral Therapy


Life and motion

Life expresses itself as motion. Movement is activity and is fundamental to all life forms. It defines how life sustains, grows, and changes. In our body, movement produces the reactions that vitalize our cells, nourish our tissues, and harmonize our organs. Our mind has movement of thoughts, whereas our spirit has movement in feelings. Ideal health strives for the equilibrium reached when all levels optimize and balance each other, seeking a steady-state movement.

At a deep level of our physiological functioning, all healthy, living tissues subtly “breathe” with the motion of life – a phenomenon that produces rhythmic impulses which can be palpated by sensitive hands. The presence of these subtle rhythms in the body was discovered by osteopath Dr William Sutherland in the 1930s, after he had a remarkable insight while examining the specialized articulations of cranial bones. Contrary to popular belief Dr Sutherland realized that cranial sutures were, in fact, designed to express small degrees of motion. He undertook many years of research during which he demonstrated the existence of this motion and eventually concluded it is essentially produced by the body’s inherent life force, which he referred to as the “Breath of Life.” Furthermore, Dr Sutherland discovered that the motion of cranial bones he first discovered is closely connected to subtle movements that involve a network of interrelated tissues and fluids at the core of the body; including cerebrospinal fluid (the ‘sap in the tree’), the central nervous system, the membranes that surround the central nervous system and the sacrum.

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on method of body evaluation and treatment that may have a positive impact on nearly every system of the body. CST helps normalize the environment of the craniosacral system, a core physiological body system only recently scientifically defined. The craniosacral system extends from the skull, face, mouth down to the sacrum and coccyx. It consists of a compartment formed by the dura mater membrane, the cerebrospinal fluid contained within, the systems that regulate the fluid flow, the bones that attach to the membranes, and the joints and sutures that interconnect these bones.

Because the craniosacral system contains the brain, spinal cord, and all related structures, any restrictions or imbalances in the system may directly affect any or all aspects of the central nervous system performance. These problems can be detected and corrected by a skilled CranioSacral therapist by using simple methods of palpation (touch).

CST is based on the idea that each person’s body contains the necessary information to uncover the underlying cause of any health problem. By using about 5gm of pressure, roughly the weight of a nickel, the CST practitioner evaluates the system by testing for ease of motion and the rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid pulsing within the membranes. In this way,  the therapist communicates with the body to obtain this information and help facilitate the person’s own self-healing process and self-regulating capabilities. Specific treatment techniques are then used to release restrictions in sutures, fasciae, membranes and any other tissues that may influence the craniosacral system. The result is an improved internal environment that frees the central nervous system to return to its optimal levels of health and performance.

“Worms will not eat living wood where the vital sap is flowing;

Rust will not hinder the opening of a gate when the hinges are used each day. 

Movement gives health and life. Stagnation brings disease and death.”

– proverb in traditional Chinese Medicine

Visit The Upledger Institute or the Franklyn Sills’ Craniosacral Biodynamics websites for more information on CST, therapists and training.

Below is an informative video with demonstrations for a better idea. 

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