The power of Intention!

“In the universe there is is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link” – Carlos Castaneda

Intention is not something you do, but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy. Where is this field you might ask? There is no place which it is not because everything in this Universe has intention built into it. This is true for all life forms, whether a rosebush or a mountain. A mosquito has intent built into its creation and life experience. A tiny acorn with no apparent power to think or make plans for its future contains intention from the invisible field. If you cut the acorn open, you won’t see a giant oak tree, but you know it’s there.  An apple blossom in the springtime appears to be a pretty little flower, yet it has intention built into it and will manifest in the summer as an apple.

Every aspect of nature, without exception, has intention built into it, and as far as we can tell, nothing in nature questions its path of intent. Nature simply progresses in harmony from the field of intention. We, too, are intended from the energy of this field.

Try imagining a force that’s everywhere. There’s no place that you can go where it isn’t. it can’t be divided and it’s in everything you see or touch. Now extend your awareness of this infinite field of energy beyond the world of form or boundaries. So it’s both in the physical and the non-physical. The only way you deactivate this dormant force is by believing that you are separate from it. Become conscious to the Power of Intention and everything that you want will manifest in the physical world.

Shift into alignment with Intention. Do not live by default, with an unconscious drive… this will manifest the unwanted in your life.  Continue reading

Life Begins when Fear Ends…

Life with fear is a life without love. Strong statement, but oh so true. The opposite of love is not hate, but fear. Fear opposes love… and life. You cannot live a free, infinite, aware life in tune with all that you are and all that is while still attached to fear.

Fear is just fear! It is created by your imagination to make reality seem scarier than it is. When you take action and face your fears, they become weaker, because you realize that reality isn’t nearly as bad as your imagination.

The good news is, fear is not a part of you, it has not always been with you. As humans, we are born with only 2 fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling (and even those don’t stay with us as we grow). Every other fear, negative thought form, or fear-based belief has been instilled inside us throughout our life. Everything from riding a bike, to fear of water, to the more profound and common fears like fear of rejection, failure, worthlessness, etc… Have you ever seen a kid afraid of playing with fire, or getting on a bike, or shoving his hand in a dog’s mouth. This is because fear doesn’t exist in them until they are yelled at by their parents for doing something “wrong”… the yelling scares them into believing this is off limits, something to be afraid of. Or unless they get burnt by the fire, the physical reaction of pain sinks into their subconscious mind as fear never to approach fire again. This is how it works. Fear is created by your mind, your imagination… from life experience, from the moment you come into the world, from your mind, your parents, school, society, your environment, religion, etc… restrictions, limitations, and no no’s that build resistance. Continue reading