7 Basic Steps of Manifestation

When we wish to achieve something, there is a process for manifesting it into our reality. It’s basic, and if followed correctly… magical. The impossible is nothing. With the correct quality of focus and conscious direction, creating, manifesting, achieving becomes automatic and even instant.

Step 1
Vision: Have an image, an idea, a dream, a wish. Imagine… Have a picture of what you say you want, an initial concept.

Step 2
Desire: This goes hand in hand with the idea, the vision. That thing that you see that you say you want must be accompanied by a strong energy…. a strong emotion, that energizes the vision… that literally pumps energy into it. Emotion (energy in motion). All consuming desire.

Step 3
Belief: You must know… and you must explore and examine within yourself that you have the belief that it is possible to manifest this thing, that you deserve this thing. Your beliefs are what are going to allow this vision to be possible. If you don’t believe it is possible, you will never allow yourself to attain it. It cannot manifest. So get in touch with the idea of what you believe now, and find out what you would prefer to believe. Find out where your beliefs come from, find out why you insist on maintaining them, why they have worked for you in the past… and determine for yourself, by creating in your imagination new definitions that are more representative of what you really want and truly desire. And then KNOW that those new beliefs are in effect.
Step 4
Acceptance: You must totally accept yourself and the new beliefs as true, just as you accepted the old beliefs to be true without question, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Total acceptance of yourself that it is possible for you to manifest this idea. Total acceptance of the new belief that can make it so.

The first four steps are the set up. Once you have the vision, desire, clear belief and accepted it totally, you need:

Step 5
Intention: You may want something but not direct your focus to it. You must intend to manifest it. With your will, with your focus. You must have the clear, unwavering intention. It must be a conscious choice. Not an effort. But a focus and a will. You must intend it to be so. This is also known as your conscious commandment of your reality.

Step 6
Action: You must act like you are already in the state of the reality which you want. You must behave as if the reality already exists in the present. You must do the things you would do in the way you would do them as if the reality already existed for you. You must ground all the ideas of the vision and the desire and the belief and the acceptance and the intention in the actions that you do, so that your behavior and your body language are different than they used to be and are representative of the reality you are now focused on rather than representative of the reality that you no longer prefer. Because body language is very telling about what you really believe to be true, what you really believe you are capable of and what you really believe exists for you at present. So action is essential.

Step 7
After you have built up that intense clarity of vision, that intense emotional desire, that intense crystal clear belief of definition. After you have clearly accepted that this is true for you. After you have focused your intention. And after you have allowed your actions to reflect it… you have to totally and utterly and absolutely detach from any outcome at all. Allowance is the key. You have to let it go Utterly! Unconditionally! That’s the power of paradox. You are using the power of the paradox of the existence of creation. The dark and the light, the day and the night. Both sides of the polarity, in order to manifest anything, you have to have an absolute intensity of what you want with absolutely no expectation that it has to manifest at all. That’s the balanced state you need to be in in order for the manifestation to be effortless. And know that everything is already perfect. Once you accept that the way it is is perfect, then they way it is can become another way that is more in alignment, more of a reflection of what you have set yourself and your vibration to be.

The Universe is not out there. There is no out there. It’s not even that the Universe reflects to you. Physical reality is a reflection. That is what it is. It does not reflect to you, it just is… simply is a reflection of your strongest desire, what you believe is true about yourself, or possible. And as a refinement on your understanding of the ideas that you ask for, make sure that you are asking for the thing itself… not the motive, not the process to that thing, The THING itself, the essence, the idea, the specific thing itself! Not “I need this to get that”, just the thing. All the details will work themselves out automatically about how it would be the path of least resistance and the best for all concerned that that reality manifests. You do not have to worry about how it manifests. It will manifest automatically in the best possible way for all concerned if you build that intensity of intention and then just let it go… NO EXPECTATION, NO STRUCTURE, NO INSISTENCE… JUST ALLOWANCE… TOTAL ALLOWANCE.

And remember… many ask for what they ask for because they expect, even when they’re following their joy, that their reality is supposed to support them. Your reality has no power to support you. Your reality does not support you. You support your reality. That is a profound difference. The things you do, if you look for them to support you, they will not. If you support your reality, your reality will reflect the support back to you that you are giving to it. The power to be supported does not come from the physical reality. It comes from you supporting yourself, by believing in what you know is true for you and supporting the reality that is a reflection of that knowledge and no other reality. NO OTHER REALITY!

If you say “Oh let me do just a little bit of that on the side”, it’s alright if that’s what you want to do, cause every reality is valid. But don’t expect to get 100% manifestation of what you say you really prefer, if you’re not supporting that reality as 100% possible. If you only support the reality you prefer 50%, then you will only get that much of it or not even that much. If you are afraid to let go of your old reality, all the energy you are expending in the direction of your fear will, in many ways, prevent you from receiving what it may be that you do support about the new reality you say you want. Because you will be muddying the waters of your perception, of your ability to perceive those gifts, those reflections that may be coming to you from the direction of your excitement, just because you still think you have to hold on to those things that are not representative of the things that you prefer.


Life Begins when Fear Ends…

Life with fear is a life without love. Strong statement, but oh so true. The opposite of love is not hate, but fear. Fear opposes love… and life. You cannot live a free, infinite, aware life in tune with all that you are and all that is while still attached to fear.

Fear is just fear! It is created by your imagination to make reality seem scarier than it is. When you take action and face your fears, they become weaker, because you realize that reality isn’t nearly as bad as your imagination.

The good news is, fear is not a part of you, it has not always been with you. As humans, we are born with only 2 fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling (and even those don’t stay with us as we grow). Every other fear, negative thought form, or fear-based belief has been instilled inside us throughout our life. Everything from riding a bike, to fear of water, to the more profound and common fears like fear of rejection, failure, worthlessness, etc… Have you ever seen a kid afraid of playing with fire, or getting on a bike, or shoving his hand in a dog’s mouth. This is because fear doesn’t exist in them until they are yelled at by their parents for doing something “wrong”… the yelling scares them into believing this is off limits, something to be afraid of. Or unless they get burnt by the fire, the physical reaction of pain sinks into their subconscious mind as fear never to approach fire again. This is how it works. Fear is created by your mind, your imagination… from life experience, from the moment you come into the world, from your mind, your parents, school, society, your environment, religion, etc… restrictions, limitations, and no no’s that build resistance. Continue reading

Shift into Alignment!

The ego is the source of conflict and dissension, for it thrusts individuals in hostile directions and disconnects them from the power of intention. In my strive to free individuals from anger, resentment, bitterness, and judgment – with my practical knowledge and skills earned – I aim to awaken and draw out their own unique skills, coaching them to detach themselves from limiting, predisposed beliefs that have been imprinted in their minds by external factors.

Throughout my journey, I have discovered that in order to receate the constricted belief systems, one must actively and instinctively pay close attention to their gut feeling and openly receive the truth that comes from that inner chamber of love. This will shape you into the transformational human being that you are destined to be.

That quest for inner peace that we travel the world to find… we don’t have to look very far! It’s approximately the size of our fist, it pumps blood throughout our body and is inside each and everyone of us… Our Heart!

“Allowing yourself to be free from boundaries and limitations of the past that stagnate your evolution & growth, letting the natural intuitive you overflow with pure wisdom and purposeful awareness… and actively intending that inner knowing –  That is what this whole extraordinary shift is about. It’s about discovering your true identity and being noble to your mind, body and soul… and true nobility is all about tackling your inner hecklers and being simply better than you used to be.”

Conversations With God – Neale Donald Walsch

Controversial for many yet exceptional to read… when you read this series, setting aside all the preconceptions and conditioned beliefs and understand it thoroughly, it will bring miracles into your life and a wonderful shift in consciousness.


A few “God” quotes  from the series:

“My most common form of communication is through feeling. Feeling is the language of the soul. If you want to know what’s true for you about something, look to how you’re feeling about it.”

“To live life without expectation, without the need for specific results: THAT IS FREEDOM!”

“Remember, you are constantly in the process of creating yourself. You are in every moment deciding who and what you are. You decide this largely through the choices you make regarding who and what you feel passionate about.”

“Fear is the activity of the mind that does not understand its connection with me.” Continue reading