Deena Morton’s Principles!

DEENA is the creator and founder of FOURCE, a no-fail formula for success and an overall way of conducting your life that creates exceptional results and helps anyone who uses it to achieve anything they would like to accomplish.

“Get into alignment. Leave your auto-pilot of everyday life behind and STOP! Stop and interrupt your patterns. Stop your habitual behavior, any thought that travels through your mind of how you can’t do it or how difficult it may seem. There is no way anything in life is impossible. So since it’s clearly possible,  what would be your next step? Overcome the fear, the doubt, the worry. Just overcome everything that ran your life before and Stop! Pause… and acknowledge that you can pull it off.”

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The 4 Principles: 

1) Clear Goal: Visualize the end result… clearly in your mind. Because our imagination is a very powerful tool we possess… our mind thinks in pictures… so see the receiving of the goal. See it happening in your mind… that no matter what, the end result will happen… don’t worry about what anybody else is doing or thinking. Just see your goal clearly, put it up on a shelf and move forward.
2) Be other’s focused: Focus on someone else’s needs. Be a contributor in life, find out what someone else wants or needs and get it for them. Be the change in someone else’s life. Make a major contribution… with what you have in your mind and heart. Don’t worry about what you’re gonna get and how… no expectations. Just be concerned on whether or not you’re giving enough.
3) Gratitude: Be in an attitude of gratitude for everything and anything that happens. No matter what is going on, if you take a wrong turn – or what you may perceive as a wrong turn – that created a roadblock for you and you feel you can’t go any further, be grateful for that experience and for what you learnt… and take another step in a different direction with continued focus on your clear goal. Be grateful to you, to others, to the experience… no matter if it’s the wrong road or the right that’s leading to the path of the end result. Gratitude connects you to a source of abundance. So long as you can keep focusing on what you have and what’s working rather than what’s not, this gratitude will continue to draw you to the right direction.
4) Unwavering Faith: If you have a goal, a clear end result, focus on your contribution to others and be grateful for every experience… then it’s just a matter of time before your goal is reached. That’s where the unwavering faith comes in. Some people have a goal and work in full throttle towards it, with nothing stopping them. While others take it day by day and are sometimes discouraged. You are not allowed to doubt the process, no matter what it looks like. Even though you might think it’s gonna look one way, and then it started to look another, you must realize that faith will take away any doubt, worry of fear. FAITH is the key to undeniable success.